Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Easy to Believe in Magic When Nature Puts on a Show...

On Tuesday night I took the dog out to pee and fortuitously found myself staring into space. Space was kind enough to entertain me with the crazy skydance that is the aurora borealis.

I tried to take a picture with my phone, but of course I failed utterly and completely. Below is a photo that I ganked from someone else's website (citation below) that shows an even more awesome display of aurora than the one I witnessed Tuesday night. The one I saw didn't have any purple or blue in it.

(photo borrowed from

The sight left me awestruck, and made me think of what it must have been like to see such phenomena a few hundred years ago without the necessary science to understand what was happening. Even today looking at such a thing and knowing that it's the interaction of ions from solar wind with other ions in our own atmosphere does little to diminish the conviction that some kind of magic is taking place. 

I have a short story in my head now, involving the aurora and a fantastical reason for its existence. (Not planning on ripping off His Dark Materials so something other than 'dust,' but something cool and not super scientific.)

You've been warned.

Today is Friday, and as such it is a day for Blade's Edge chapters to go up. Today is a special day, because there are not one, but TWO new chapters going up. The reason for this? Chapter 31 is pretty short, and leaves you wondering WTF. Chapter 32 answers the WTF and takes you to the next super duper cliff hanger. So there you go. Two chapters. You're welcome.

And now, after writing/revising/rewriting two chapters worth of material plus this blog post, I am beat. See y'all next week. Happy Weekend!

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