Monday, March 24, 2014

Inadvertent Hiatus...

Well, not only did I not mean to quit blogging for the past month, I also hadn't planned on taking so much time off from Blade's Edge. Ahhh, the frustrations of having to put writing on hold for my day job.

I have exciting news on that front that I will share in another few weeks, but for now I'll have to limit myself to promising to be more consistent with Blade's Edge over the next few weeks and months.

To that end, I will try to have a chapter per week posted in the next few weeks. Grading exams, writing grades and comments, and a vacation in which we hosted guests, had to travel to LA for bureaucracy's sake, and then got stuck in LA because the radiator on the Jeep died, all conspired against me getting more Blade's Edge written.

Now that we're back (though we had to come back in a rental car as the Jeep is still getting fixed - we'll probably head back to LA this coming weekend in order to retrieve it) and the first week of school is behind us, I should be able to get back to staying on top of Blade's Edge. So, here's hoping chapter 11 will be up by the end of the week! :-)

In the meantime, if you have some time to kill and you speak (or can read) Spanish you should check out the following web site:

There you can read about the awesome adventures of Flor and Lucas, two lovely Argentinians we met at the mechanic's shop where the Jeep is getting fixed, who are driving to Alaska from Patagonia in a 1989 stretch cadillac limousine that they have converted into a motor home. They left two years ago, and hope to arrive there sometime this summer. They have finally had to replace the engine of the limo (hence why we met them at the mechanic's), so hopefully the new one will carry them through.

If you don't know any Spanish I'm afraid you'll have to wait until they translate the book they're writing about their adventures (a project I hope to help them with, but as they have yet to actually finish the adventure -let alone the book- it is still in the offing). Alternatively, you can always give the google "translate page" a whirl, but it's never very good, so beware (or you can just enjoy the pretty pictures).

That's it from here for the short term. Hopefully, a shiny new Blade's Edge chapter will be emerging later this week. Hope everyone is off to the start of a lovely week!

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