(To check out Blade's Edge's journey from webserial to print book check out the Kickstarter Story Page.)

Blade's Edge was produced with the support of 92 amazing human beings, also known as Kickstarter Backers. They are listed below in no particular order. Please note that some backers opted not to have their names included.

Johnny McDowell
Jeremy, Bridget, and Tesla Broomfield
Khali Wenaus
Darrin Moore
Aurora Wilson McClain
Alex Liobis
Shannon Pierce-Ralph
Sam Knowlton
Natalie Miller
Caroline Diehl
Jonathan Coustick
Jared Collie
Jesica Tsuzuki
Dave Nicar in honor of Linda Jennings
Ryan Ashford Pricington, III
Sean Louvel
Joey D
Scott Ticknor
Peter L. Trinh
Jason P. Crawford
Michael Downey
John Taylor
Kimberley Whipp
Charlotte Nortman
T.J. McClain
Andrea McGovern
Pat and Steve Pickering
Melissa McChesney
Jason Q
Luis R. Suazo
Judy Prins
Nick Bryan
Steph Wyeth
Jessica Schulze
Kendall Chun
Linda Jennings
Janine Lawton
Gavin Greene
Andrew Hatchell
Robin and Steve Dettman, Faith and Hope
Tasha Turner
Jim & Anne Ticknor
Michelle, Scott, and Daniel Kerenyi
Mark White
Nicole Hall
Patrick Hershey
Jerry Fan
Garth & Gail Smith
Brenda Bearden
Jane Hilton
Dawn Del Sontro
Hans Lassooij
Jennifer Dixon
R.C. Matthews
Wendy Treash
Benjamin Parry
David Russell
Bran Mydwynter
Dylan Madeley
Jill Fineis
Ryan Young
The McNortmans
S. Sullman
Other Wench
Kat and Jay Liegl
Karla Ferguson & Sean McManus
Clarinda Harriss & Tom McClain
Claire Brislin
Corey Ticknor
Mide Burns
Lauren B. Andrus
Lei Anne Sharratt
Warren K. Fincher
Seffa Bee Klein
Jeanne Péloquin
Nic Plum

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